Helping Connect People with Resources is a new online resource directory working to connect families and individuals on the autism spectrum with the therapeutic and educational services they deserve.

About Us provides access to direct therapeutic and educational support for children across the United States as well as additional online resources for children and parents, including helpful blog posts, educational and sensory sensitive videos, upcoming autism-related conferences and events, and autism-related news stories.

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Autism is Treatable

Autism can be detected, diagnosed, and treated in a child as early as 18 months.

Science shows that brains can rewire and adapt to the environment, and it's easier for this rewiring to occur earlier in brain development. If we intervene early, we have a better chance of changing the developing brain.

Research shows that nearly 50% of the children who receive intensive ABA-based treatment can “catch up” to average range in their intellectual and educational functioning.


A New Way to Connect

PeerKnect: A game-changing app developed to solve the social gap for neurodivergent kids and improve their development, play skills, and quality of life. Social interactions are essential for young children as they learn how to connect through parallel or imaginary play. These interactions are an important key to developing play, social, and communication skills—skills like …

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What is Grapevine Minds?

Grapevine Minds is a website that provides literary resources for autistic children and their caregivers. Founded by Jean Chun, a high school senior from Deerfield, Massachusetts, the site consists of an interactive online book and a metaphor-learning program geared toward elementary-aged children. The book, It’s My Birthday!, contains various interactive features that target general cognitive …

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8 Books by and for Adults with ASD

Transitioning, employment, and personal happiness Autism spectrum disorder is not specifically a pediatric issue. Statistics show that in the United States, 1 in 45, or 2.21% of adults over the age of 18, have autism. This is higher than the 1.85% prevalence rate of children in the US with ASD. Despite these numbers, until recently, …

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