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Autism is Treatable

Autism can be detected, diagnosed, and treated in a child as early as 18 months.

Science shows that brains can rewire and adapt to the environment, and it's easier for this rewiring to occur earlier in brain development. If we intervene early, we have a better chance of changing the developing brain.

Research shows that nearly 50% of the children who receive intensive ABA-based treatment can “catch up” to average range in their intellectual and educational functioning.


Comorbidity and Autism: An Overview

What is comorbidity in ASD? The co-occurrence of two or more diagnosed conditions in the same person is called comorbidity. An estimated 75% of children and young adults on the spectrum are diagnosed with at least one comorbid condition in their lifetime.1,2 In fact, in a 2010 comparative study, researchers found that  95% of youth …

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Voices from the Spectrum

Listening to and learning from autistic individuals The perspectives and experiences of autistic women, men, and children are vital for a more complete and compassionate understanding of ASD. However, when sifting through the information available online, most content found is written by parents, researchers, teachers, etc. instead of individuals with a diagnosis. While this content …

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Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism

A History, A Controversy, A Hope If you have looked into early intervention options for your child with ASD, you have likely read about Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA. Navigating options for early intervention therapies is a big task, and the mountain of information floating around the internet can be dizzying. What follows is a …

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