Community Content Published 11:00am ET, March 4, 2021

The Discovery Museum is hosting a workshop that will explore the landscape of grandparenting children on the autism spectrum.

The free event will take place 7-8:30 p.m. March 18 online via Zoom. To register, visit

“Grandparenting a Child with Autism: Roles, Responsibilities, and Supports” will explore the unique role grandparents — and others who fill that sort of supporting role — can play in a family with a child on the spectrum. The presenters will share some of the unique joys and puzzling challenges that come with the job. They’ll discuss the grandparent’s chief responsibilities, special opportunities and some ready resources to help out, including children’s museums like the Discovery Museum. The workshop will also specifically address issues raised by participants in a pre-workshop survey.

Presenters Donna Danielewski and Charles Washburn are colleagues with years of experience working together with Cultural Access New England, a group formed to support museum and other cultural organization professionals working to make their programs more inclusive of people with the full range of human abilities and disabilities. They come to this conversation as a parent and grandparent with children on the spectrum.

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